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DNA material available for request

The DNA material listed below was collected from families who meet the following criteria:

  • there are two or more mentally retarded males in the family
  • the pedigree is consistent with X-linked inheritance
The collection of patient material contains DNA of one affected male per family. At the moment, we have 369 XLMR families without mutation and with an EBV-LCLs from the proband available for request.

If you are interested in requesting any of the consortium material, please fill in the request form.

Material available for request
MRXa Linkedb Unlinkedc
21 52 295
a Number of families with linkage data: lod score >2
b Number of families with linkage data: lod score <2
c Number of families without linkage data (incl. large/small families, and brotherpair families)

For a more detailed description of all families in the database see section Database